Graduate School Course Registration Guideline for Spring 2024

The Period of Registration and Add/drop 




Course Registration Period

Feb 14. 2024 (Wed) 13:00 ~ Feb 16. 2024 (Fri) 12:00

Add/drop Period

Mar 6, 2024 (Wed) 09:00 ~ Mar 8, 2024 (Fri) 18:00


Registration Method

Access to the URL for course registration (

Instead of using Portal ID, log in with your student number

 * If you are a new student, your initial password is the last digits of your alien

 registration card.

Guidelines for registering for Guidance of Research

Every semester, you must apply Guidance of Research (DKK500, DKK510, DKK520)

Guidance of Research is automatically applied for every semester, but it is necessary to check if the division of your Faculty advisor is correct

Students who are in KIST Academy Research Industry Collaboration Program, Program in Biomicrosystem Engineering and Science and Technology Studies(who are on their 2nd semester and above) : Apply for 2 Subjects(DKK510,DKK520) (1 credit for each course)

You have to register for the Complete Research Guide(DKK600) in person

If you apply for the Complete Research Guide(DKK600-00) first, you will be assigned a division of academic advisor after the course add/drop period

If you apply for a “Complete Research Guide” while your student status is “degree candidate”, it will be deleted, so you must register for “Complete Research Guide” after enrollment

The Confirmation of Course Register

After registering for your courses, you must check to see if the courses have been added correctly. If you wish to make any changes, you need to make the changes during the add/drop period. 

Checking for the Course Registration : Portal – Course – Course Registration

New students will be able to use the Portal after Mar 4th, 2024

You must double check the academic number of your courses to see if you have the correct number ( If you have inputted an incorrect academic number, your credit will not be acknowledged )

Registering for advisor designated course 

To apply for the advisor designated course, you can apply during the add/drop period through Graduate Registering System

How to apply : Course Registration – Register by course number – Enter Course code and Section – Add

Advisor designated courses will not be counted as major course credits and will be marked separately

Unable to drop and retake the courses / Unable to take same or similar couses

Course change or withdrawal is not possible after the course registration and add/drop period, so it must be checked within the period

The credits acquired from a same and similar course* will not be counted

However, if you have failed the course before, you can retake the course since the failed course was not given credit

Courses that are taken during your master program will not be counted towards your doctoral program

Duplication of course credits are not counted

 * Criteria for same and similar course

 (1) Designated as a similar subject

 (2) Same academic course number

 (3) Same subject title

Cautions for Course Registration

Registration must be done by the students themselves.

If you are planning to return to the school, you must apply for your courses during the designated period as well. The registration will be officially approved after finishing the application process for returning to the school.

Maximum credit per semester(excluding Research Guidance) is 13. With the advisor designated courses, the maximum credit is 16.

Class schedule and location may change depending on the circumstances

For questions regarding class registration : Contact your academic affairs team at your department

For questions regarding the system : Contact the Office of Information and Communication (02-3290-4176)

Domestic Academic Exchange Program

Domestic Academic Exchange Program Application : Refer to Portal and Graduate School Website “국내학점교류 공지사항

Applicants : Graduate Students (If you are a new student, you can apply after receiving your student number)

Universities that you can transfer credits from : Total of 25 universities 

 (Refer to the notice)

Please check the timetable on the affiliated university website

(The guide to apply for Domestic Academic Exchange Program will be posted on portal and the Graduate School Website)

※ Refer to the General Graduate School Rules for Operation Chapter 9 Part 1. 

Korea Univeisity Credit Exchange

Colleges that you can transfer credits from : Korea University Professional Graduate Schools (excluding Graduate School of Business Administration and Specialized Graduate School)

How to Register

Only major-related subjects can be applied for credit exchange, and can be applied only with the approval of the advisor and department manager

Before applying for the course, you must complete a “Request form of exchange program in the university” and submit the form to your academic department

After submitting your form, you can apply for the course online. 

You can apply within the range of credits that can be applied for classes, but credit recognition cannot exceed 1/2of the minimum completion credit for each course. (School of Law : 6 credits per semester)

 * However, there might be a slight difference in regulations based on the college, so you must check with the academic affairs team at your department. 

Among the graduate schools, Graduate School of Business Administration is not allowed to exchange credits, and School of Law can apply for up to 6 credits per semester.

Korea Language Program for Overseas Students

Applicants : New and current overseas graduate students

How to apply : students themselves must apply during the registration of add/drop period, and the credit will not count towards major credits. If the class is divided, students are required to change their class numbers during the add/drop period 

 (For Inquiries : Contact )

Unable to register for classes if the number of students assigned to graduate schools is full

Credits(hours) : 3 Credits (6 hours)

This Korean Language program will not be considered as a way to be exempt from Korean Language Examination

This Korean Language will not be counted toward credits required for graduation

Sejong Campus Courses : for inquiries, contact : 044-860-1901 )

※ KUPID : - Single ID Application

※ Announcements from the Graduate School :